Tech Center's mission is to upgrade the modernization of the composite application industry, transition to a technology oriented business structure from a manufacturing philosophy, and to contribute its findings & results for a wide range of corporate and composite products.

The Center is equipped with the most advanced technicians and start-of-the-art devices to facilitate all research and development projects. These research results are incorporated with our leading-edge alliances partners & suppliers to help promote various technologies and upgrades.


1. Carbon fiber
The most common precursor is polyacryloni trile (PAN).These bands are commonly referred to as:
high strength(HS),high modulus(HM),
intermediate modulus(IM),
and Ultra high modulus(UHM).


The glass fiber types are E-glass and S- glass.

3.Aramid fiber

4. Boron fiber


1. carbon fiber finishes
2. Glass fiber finishes
3. Aramid fiber finishes

Honor’s feature technologies, polymer & chemical engineering, provide an outstanding strength,resilience,and shock absorption to meet the industry's broadest range of composite design requirements, such as:Ski poles,Golf clubs,Walking sticks,Trekking sticks,Curling broom,Floorball sticks,Paddle,Baseball bat carbon fiber tube and another products.


We have many kind resin systems such as:
1.Epoxy Resin
2.Phenolic Resin
3.Vinyl ester Resin
4.TP resin
5.Unsaturated polyester




 Epoxy Resin /
Fiber Composite

1.Unlimited formula

2.Good dimensional stability

3.Good heat resistance

4.High mechanical strength

5.Light weight

6.Wide spread application

1.Sports¡GTennis-racket, Badminton racket, Bike frame, Helmet, Golf shaft, Ski poles,Walking sticks, Softball bat, etc.

2.Medical appliances¡GCT Cradle, MR Strap, Artificial bone

3.Auto parts, Hood, transmission shaft, Bumper, Spoiler, Saddle light4. Tank, Tube
 Flame Retardant
Epoxy Resin /
Fiber Composite
1.Good flame retardant, pass UL94 V0  

1.Aircraft interiors( Seat back, Shell.)

2.Automotive industry, Subway, MRT, Exhaust pipe.

3.Fire control equipment ,Fireman's helmet

4.Fire resistant material

5.Indoor decorate material (Ceiling ,Wall ,Door)

6.Electric appliance
 Phenolic Resin /
Fiber Composite

1.Excellent flame retardant ,pass FAR25.853

2.High mechanical strength and high Tg

3.Good dimensional stability

4.Prepreg available

5.Light weight

1.Aircraft interiors (Seat back , Shell.)

2.Automotive industry , Subway, MRT, Exhaust pipe

3.Fire control equipment, Fireman's helmet

4.Fire resistant material

5.Indoor decorate material (Ceiling ,Wall ,Door)

6.Electric appliance 7. P.C. Board, fishing rod
 Vinyl Ester Resin /
Fiber Composite

1.Luminous and smooth appearance in semi-product

2.Fine water resistant and corrosive resistance

3.High mechanical strength

4.Light weight

1.Boat building : Yacht, Sailboat, Fishing boat, Freighter, Lifeboat, Surfboat, Patrol boat,

2. Bathtub Equipment

3.Medical appliances, Slop
 Thermal Plastic Resin /
Continuous Fiber Composite

1.Fine transparency

2.Good Impact and damping property

3.Thermo plastic and recyclable

4.Good flame retardant, pass UL94 HB

5.Light weight

1.Notebook computer cover


3.Electronic Industry

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